Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

A popular breed among families, the French Bulldog is adorable and intelligent. But to answer that, you must first look at their character traits and then ask yourself if Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

Frenchies temperament and personality

While some French Bulldogs are quite sweet and gentle, others can show aggressive tendencies, just as with any other dog breed. The Frenchie is considered a kind breed in the canine world. You can dress him up as anything you can imagine, he won’t get tired of you carrying him all the time and taking pictures of him non-stop.

He is a very playful and calm dog. He doesn’t need long walks, but he needs all the pampering in the world, he is a «lapdog». Besides, the French bulldog is a very recommendable breed for children. As you can see, they are very playful and affectionate. They can form strong bonds with family members. And as a result of this bond, they are capable of becoming good watchdogs.

How to Prevent Your dog from Becoming Aggressive?

It is important that, as an owner, you watch for any signs of aggression. These signs include things like growling or nipping and are quite common to see if your Frenchie is trying to show that he is the dominant one in the pack. From day one, you should make it clear to your pet that you are the alpha of his pack, demanding respect by using a firm voice.

Here are some examples of behaviors that can be a warning sign of aggression.

Excessive Barking

Long periods of barking could be indications of aggression, although there could also be other causes for the behavior. While it is important to stop the barking, you must understand the underlying cause before you begin.


Aggression can be the result of fear.. To nip this in the bud before it becomes a problem, expose your Frenchie to new and positive experiences. Such as meeting new people, going to places with loud noises and bringing them close to small children.

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