Albinism in French Bulldogs Chicago

Albinism in French Bulldogs

It is common knowledge that all dogs have different colors, sizes, types of fur, coats, eye colors and shapes. So, Albinism in French Bulldogs is anything from another world. And here we will tell you everything that you have to know before adopting a Frenchie with this condition.

What is albinism?

The condition of albinism can be defined as the absence of color. Contrary to popular opinion, albinism is rare, especially in dogs or French bulldogs, although it can occur in any animal.

Albino dogs are different from white dogs. Albinism is a genetic mutation. In true albino dogs, there is a complete lack of pigmentation or melanin production in the skin, hair, and eyes, resulting in a lack of color. A white dog, but, is a white-coated dog; white is a color.

What should I know about Frenchies with Albinism?

Albinism can take on different shades and variations. They are like normal French Bulldogs. So, if you are looking for a Frenchie like this, you don’t have anything to worry about.

Pink Eyes

An albino dog will only have skin that appears pink around the eyes. This lack of pigmentation results in the pinkish tinge around the eyes and nose. People often confuse it with conjunctivitis. Thus, if a dog has a pinkish tint around the nose but not the eyes, it may not be an albino dog. So, there must be both eyes and nose.

Albinism in rabbits and rodents will result in pink eyes, but it’s not the same for dogs. In albino dogs, their eyes are light. So instead of being black or brown, they appear light blue, gray or sometimes green. This is often due to underdeveloped lenses and retinas; so, they cannot filter out excess light,

Chicago Il Albinism in French Bulldogs

Special Care

In general, French Bulldogs are a little picky about any health issues they are prone to. But with an albino dog, the risks are greater and special precautions must be taken.

Just remember that this breed needs a careful diet, exercise, and clean environments. So if you need help in this last one, we recommend maid services for your home.

Short Life

It is difficult and painful to lose a dog. This is all the more difficult to swallow since your dog is not strictly average and only has a short lifespan left. But that’s the deal with a French albino. The short lifespan is due to their weak immune system and other health issues.