A guide for French Bulldog Grooming

Lucky for all Frenchie owners, these bulldogs are generally a clean breed. They do not need a weekly bath and usually only need a scrub when they are visibly soiled. When you give your Frenchie a bath, no shampoo will do. French bulldogs have more probability of allergies. Which can manifest as skin problems. So purchasing a veterinarian-recommended shampoo can help manage them. So here we have a guide for French Bulldog Grooming.

When you wash your French bulldog, it’s not a simple rinse. Avoid getting their face wet when taking a bath, as the French have folds on their faces. When moisture gets trapped between the folds, it can cause infections.

Beyond the Coat

Beyond brushing off excess fur and taking the occasional bath. Besides, you need to be careful to avoid Hair Loss On French Bulldogs.

Also, you should trim your French bulldog’s nails often. Overgrown nails can cause pain, that’s why checking nails is an important part of grooming. Experts recommend starting with your dog when it’s a puppy. This way, dogs get used to clipping nails without feeling nervous.

Another thing to look for is under-eye age spots. It is particularly noticeable in lighter-colored French. Tear stains are not harmful and are caused by overproduction in the tear ducts. But, sometimes having tear duct problems can cause an infection.

Should You Give Your French Bulldog a Haircut?

The answer is no! Dogs like Corgis or Shiba Inus are some of the breeds that do not need a haircut as others. For example, Pomerania. Not only because their fur does not exceed a certain length. But also because it is unhealthy for the dog to cut or shave their hair.

But if you still have doubts about how to maintain your dog clean or you want to pamper it. You can go to the best Dog Spa in Chicago.