What are French bulldogs bred for?

Exotic Frenchies have become one of the most common topics to talk about and search throughout the internet. A lot of people love this breed and they are completely right to love them. They are nice, full of bliss, and playful, but, are these the only reasons? Today we tell you what are French Bulldogs bred for.

The Origin of French Bulldogs

Before seeing what French bulldogs are bred for, we need to know how this breed came to be. We can trace back its origins all the way to the 18th century. During this century the bulldog was the original one we know. Sadly, during these times, bulldogs were bred for bloody sports that pitted a bulldog and a person fight. Similar to bullfighting but with a bulldog instead of a bull. Truly horrible. This sport continued until around 1840 when a law was passed to eliminate this. Then dog fighting began which was equally horrible but bulldogs inside fights were seen less and less. It wasn’t until the 19th century that even with the breed about to be extinct, one breeder decided to breed an Old English Bulldog. And the story continued for our lovely dogs.

Downsizing the bulldog

Now, by the year 1850 bulldogs started to breed with smaller breeds. This caused the puppies to come out in smaller sizes and began to change all their characteristics. After some years, people moved to France and these small bulldogs became a hit with aristocrats. They considered the breed a fancy one amongst others. And with the popularity, the name French Bulldog or “Frenchie” became famous all around. These days, people started owning more and more french bulldogs. And the breeding community became bigger and bigger. Even back then people asked if french bulldogs are good pets. And yeah, were and still are. This takes us to another part of their history—the french bulldog arriving in America.
What are French bulldogs bred for in Chicago Il
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French Bulldogs in America

In 1885 some European aristocrats came to America with their french bulldogs. Just like in France, they became a hit on this side of the pond. People started loving them and asking for a dog like them. And in 1898 the AKC recognized them as a breed. Ever since those years, this particular breed has become a lot more famous. People in all parts of the country love them. There is even a french bulldog association now that is everything about this lovely breed. But, the story doesn’t stop because the popularity of these dogs has opened paths to new things. Such as competitions and breeding in general.

The birth of the French Bulldog Clubs

Going back to the French bulldog’s story, we now have the clubs. All around America a lot of clubs were formed, but none older than the French Bulldog Club of America. This club was formed all the way back in 1897. A year before the AKC recognized the breed which is amazing. This can tell you about the love and care this club has for the breed. The main goal of this club is to promote the breeding of purebred French bulldogs. Something a lot of people in America look for every day. The great thing about the club is that by promoting purebred breeding, they are looking for ways to have this breed as well as possible. In what sense? Well, to care for their health problems and more. This is something commendable in all senses.

One of the best breeds for your home

While in the past aristocrats wanted their dogs to be with them at home, this hasn’t changed. People from all walks of life have asked for these dogs to be their companions at home. While a dog will always remain a dog and in need of outside playtime. French bulldogs are a very calm and easy breed that can be at home at all times. This is something good for people who want to have their dogs with them inside their house. Also, as we’ve mentioned countless times, they are some of the best companions out there. We have a post about how to form a bond with your French bulldog that might interest you. It is a good idea to check it if you want to see how to become friends faster with them. And while they do have some respiratory problems, all of them can be treated easily.

Unique and classy style

When people talk about Exotic French Bulldogs for sale they know they are looking for a beautiful and classy dog. These dogs have amazing styles and it might be one of the main reasons people want this breed. Breeding has become an important process when choosing the right Exotic Frenchies for Sale. The majority of Exotic French Bulldogs Stud Services focus on getting the right breed on the first try. By having the right parents they make sure the puppies will come out perfectly beautiful. One clear example. Picture an Isabella coat Frenchie, which is one of the most famous and sought-out coats out there. Breeding with another exotic french bulldog. Their puppies will be truly beautiful. If you want an elegant and beautiful dog you can’t go wrong with this breed.

Bred for Competition

Years ago some people decided to found the French Bulldog Club of America. The main reason was to distinguish the exotic Frenchies bred in the United States from those brought over from England. Due to the growing popularity, people decided to start creating competitions. Thus, this club has an annual show where many people bring their French bulldog and show how their dog has been bred. Besides competing in other types of categories.

The competitions range from Rally to Obedience, including the exhibition of the beauty of this breed. This club has become an integral part of the Exotic Frenchie community. This is another reason why people seek out exotic Frenchies for sale. Participating in these events is a great way to meet other breeders and even meet other nice dogs. These are just a few of the reasons why French Bulldogs are bred and make such great pets, but there are many more. If you want to know more about this beautiful breed. Contact us to meet our dogs and if you are looking for an Exotic French Bulldog breeding service book today!

As we have said, purebred French bulldogs are very popular. Dog shows are organized for people to show their dogs. While trials are the usual competition with owners and dogs together. These are amazing because of the fun everyone has and also, it is a great exercise for your French bulldog.

What are French bulldogs bred for in Chicago
What are French bulldogs bred for Chicago
what are french bulldogs bred for Chicago Il


Should you keep breeding your french bulldog or look for local french bulldog breeders? Yes, without a doubt. Out of all breeds in America, this one is one of the best. People love how many things they bring into a household. And outside of one as well. They are perfect for a lot of things as long as you take care of them. So, if you’re looking for a new friend for your home, consider looking for Exotic French Bulldogs for Sale. You won’t regret having them with you all the time.