Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well

As dog owners or pet owners for that matter, we always worry about our dogs’ health. While most pets have some clear telltale signs of something wrong, some breeds do not. Thankfully, french bulldogs have some signs that might help identify any underlying health issue. Today in this post, we tell you about the signs your french bulldog is not feeling well. As expert french bulldog breeders, we already know the common signs. And it is important that you know them as well. So, buckle up because it will be a lengthy post. But with it, we hope that we can keep you a lot more informed. This is to make your time with your french bulldog a lot easier and better. Get ready to learn a bit more about this amazing breed of dogs.


As we already know, french bulldogs have common health issues. The majority of them derivate from their respiratory system. Due to the genetics of this breed, the respiratory system gets affected in big ways. So coughing could be a sign that something is wrong. While coughing is very common in the human world, with dogs it isn’t. Especially in a breed such as french bulldogs. It is important to take them to the vet as soon as possible to have them checked. Most of the problems we’ll list here can be avoided. As long as you treat them on time, so here we have How to prevent the most common diseases in French bulldogs.

Red Eyes

Some dogs have a tendency to have red eyes. It could very well depend on the breed and age of the dog. However, for french bulldogs, it isn’t that common. Red eyes could be the indicator of something grave. Most of the time, what could be happening is an eye infection. However, just like humans, you need to treat it ASAP. As you know, even the French Bulldog Club of America recommends taking your french bulldog for a checkup. Eye infections can also be prevented if treated during the right time.

Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well Chicago


For any breed, this is a red flag. At least sometimes. While some dogs might have a bit of diarrhea from eating something that sat heavily on them. Remember that dogs have more sensitive stomachs. We have already given some recommendations about French bulldog feeding. Here in the blog, we have a list of bad foods for french bulldogs. You should read it to learn what type of foods to avoid. But, if you see your dog with some diarrhea, take them to the vet. Sometimes it isn’t something too dangerous but better safe than sorry.


Keeping up with stomach problems. Vomiting isn’t normal for any breed. If this happens it can mean a few things. The most common can be tied to what they eat. This is usually the case most of the time. However, vomiting can lead to a lot more trouble. As we mentioned in another post, there are a lot of respiratory problems in French Bulldogs. Add vomiting to the mix and this can get crazy. This is one of the signs your french bulldog is not feeling well.

Not eating or drinking

If any pet stops eating or drinking, then it is bad news. Dogs have their routine. They eat every day as well as drink water. So, if they are not doing it, something could be wrong. This is one of the most common signs that something bad is going on. If you see your dog isn’t eating for a whole day, time to rush to the vet. When dogs stop eating it means there might be something serious under what’s happening. So, just make sure you can prevent it from getting even worse.

Things that cause the previous signs

Now, if you really want to prevent any of these signs, you can do so. How? By learning what makes them happen. You can find a lot of information about this on the AKC website. But here we have a small summary of what to expect and prevent.

Breathing issues

As we have mentioned countless times, these issues will be common. Actually, they might be the only issues that arise due to the breed. It is normal that they happen so just try to get on that before they become worse. Breathing issues can happen at any time. Just by aging or by something at home. Believe it or not, french bulldogs also suffer from allergies. If you want to avoid that, hire a maid service for your home. You can do a lot to prevent breathing issues by preparing your home for them.


Delving a bit deeper into allergies now. Allergies happen to all. From humans to dogs, that’s right. But, with this breed having many issues already, allergies can be hard for them. If your french bulldog has allergies, that will make their breathing process a lot worse. They have small snouts so it will be bad for them. Keep everything clean to avoid any. And, while some allergies can appear later, just be on the lookout for them. If you notice something weird, go ahead and take them to the vet.

Mobility problems

As we mentioned in our post about breeding your french bulldog during the first heat, they have some mobility issues. In what sense? Well, due to their short hips. This is actually one of the most important reasons to avoid naturally breeding a french bulldog. Due to their size and bone structure, it is difficult. Yet, there are other mobility issues that can happen. Problems like genetics one. With this breed sometimes it is like tossing a coin. You never know what type of problem they’ll have. However, they are an amazing breed. Provided they have good living conditions. But, if you see your dog walking in a strange way, take them to the vet. They’ll know what to do with these problems.

Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well​ in Chicago

Heat Stroke

Now, this isn’t a genetic issue. It is one that can happen any day but can be avoided at any time. Heat strokes are common and can happen to all. Although, for a french bulldog, they are worse. Why? Well, we go back to the breathing problems. A heat stroke will affect them badly. This will make their breathing process really difficult and could cause damage. If you’re going for a walk with your dog, try to keep them under the shadow and hydrated. This will avoid any heat stroke and keep them cool. Also, do not take your dog out if it is too hot. A rule of thumb is stepping on the ground without socks and feeling how hot the street is. If you can’t handle it, neither will they.

Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well Chicago Illinois
Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well​ in Chicago Illinois


French bulldogs are amazing companions. We will not deny that. That is why people are looking for breeders in cities like Chicago, Miami, or New York. This breed is growing in popularity by the day. If you want to get a french bulldog for your house, go ahead. Just be ready to take the commitment of keeping your dog in a great living condition. And, if you notice anything strange, go ahead and take them to the vet. This will prevent any health problems from arising. And, if you have any questions regarding this breed, call us! We are expert french bulldog breeders in Chicago and other cities.