How To Prevent Your French Bulldog From Pulling

Walking a dog can be a very peaceful and nice experience. Well, most of the time. When we think about walking a dog, there is one thing that crosses everyone’s mind. And that is that the dog might pull too hard. This can be bad for everyone. Both the person and the dog can get hurt. But. don’t worry because there is a way to stall this. Today we tell you how to prevent your french bulldog from pulling. If you want to enjoy a peaceful walking day with them, follow these steps. You’ll soon see how useful these tips are to enjoy a day outside with them.

Understanding why they pull

Before knowing how to prevent your french bulldog from pulling, we need to understand why they do it. All dogs are curious. French bulldogs are not an exception. They might have heard something or might have seen a nice toy that caught their attention. So, understand this before pulling them back to you.


Another reason is that they have a lot of energy. The best way to prevent pulling is by doing exercise with them at home. If you get them tired, you will experience less pulling from them.

How to stop that behavior

To be honest, a dog that pulls all the time can become something of a hassle. It makes walking them a lot less enjoyable. But, you can stop that behavior. The first thing you can do by yourself is to take them out more often. If the dog starts noticing these walks are part of its routine, it won’t get curious or nervous anymore. Hence, stopping the pulling part. If you want a faster option though, you can buy a soft-padded harness. A strong one, of course. This will keep them close to you while walking and avoid any problems.

So, whichever option you prefer, all of them are good to prevent problems. Just choose the best for you and start enjoying your usual walks with them.

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