Common French Bulldog Colors

As a result of a long mixing of specimens that started more than a century ago. Today we can enjoy that French bulldogs come in all colors and sizes. This is one of the reasons why we love Frenchies so much. As we have mentioned in the past on our blog. French bulldogs are loved by many and their popularity has been on the rise. They are amazing companions and once you gain their trust they will not let you go. Many breeders always talk about French bulldogs and which one is the best. The truth is that they are all the best as they give everything of themselves: fun, energy, love and that unique look. Yet, there are some Common French Bulldog Colors that may captivate you more. There are some simple colors and some more exotic ones that you should know about before making a decision about your new best friend.

So we hope this post can help you and give you clarity if you want to know more about the available French Bulldog colors and how some of them can be obtained through breeding. But if you want to know more about the process and the reason why French Bulldogs are bred for, you can visit the rest of the blog.

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Accepted colors in Frenchies

To begin with, we must rely on the information provided by the American French Bulldog Club as well as the American Kennel Club (AKC). These web pages make the distinction of colors, in which they are accepted and recognized by these entities. They classify the purity of the breed and its characteristics. These can also be identified as the most common. And these are:


These beautiful specimens are unique. They have a coat that varies from reddish, light brown, yellow or even pale cream. It is common for some Frenchies of this type to have a black mask around the eyes and muzzle. Occasionally the nose is lighter, but this is not the norm.


We can not leave out these specimens of a pure and perfect white color. A specimen of elegance and grace. They can have pink or dark pads and nose. Of course, this one needs much more maintenance. It is much more noticeable any trace of dirt, so it needs a lot of cleaning like cleaning his eyes.


The brindle is one of the most common colors in the French Bulldog. These Frenchies have a base coat in which there are stripes of darker hair creating a sort of brindle pattern. Many people love to have these dogs at home. The fact that this is the most common color according to the AKC does not make them any less adorable. They are amazing. You can’t go wrong with the classics.

They must also have a black nose. If a French Bulldog of any of these colors does not have a solid black nose it should be disqualified.




FAD Color Frenchies

Another classification held by the French Bulldog authorities is the colors that are not accepted. These are commonly called FAD colors, rare colors or exotic. Because these are not pure; that is to say, they are the result of the mixture of different types of coats or traits that are not considered pure. For this reason, these types of coats are disqualified from events or dog shows.


This type of gene can present different characteristics, as they can be presented as solid, brindle or fawn. In the case of a brindle, instead of the darkest coat being black, it will be dark blue. In a fawn, the coat may be silver but the nose, dark mask and pads are blue.


Blue or gray Frenchies have beautiful pigmentation in their grayer coat. Although considered an exotic color, most breeders offer puppies with this coat. They look amazing and are great for anyone wanting a French Bulldog.


These dogs feature a blue undertone combined with a little bit of white. The result is create an almost dilute color with a beautiful velvet-like sheen. Like the other rare colors, it is a unique specimen and breeders seek to maintain this characteristic.


Although they were not common in the past, they are now. Lilac Frenchies are a combination of blue and chocolate Frenchies. People even talk about this type of eplo having a purple undertone, but its origin is the same. This creates a beautiful coat for a French Bulldog that many breeders are always trying to get. These dogs have light eyes and their coat is almost silver.

You can learn more about this coat in Most Expensive French Bulldog Color.


These dogs have a dark brown coat that, depending on the breed. May fade to a beautiful reddish or mahogany color and may even be similar to the color of a grizzly bear. They usually have dark nose and pads.


We can classify this color as the most unusual version of fawn. It differs from the normal fawn coat in that it has a lighter base but the tips of each hair are stained black. This gives the appearance of a gradient similar to balayage in humans. There is an undertone with other colors, for example Blue Sable. Which gives a completely different appearance and is even more difficult to find.

Solid black

These are extremely rare, as they can be easily confused with Brindle when they have stripes of a similar tone to their base coat. As they age, their colors may lighten and the stripes become easier to see. The gene for such a color is very difficult to find and is more easily identified by DNA analysis.

Common French Bulldog Colors in Chicago

Piebald/White and black

Piebald Frenchies are amazing. They basically have two colors. The colors may vary depending on the dog but their characteristic is pigmentation. This color tends to have unpigmented parts while having some pigmented patches. Most commonly the patches create masks around the eyes like a patch.


Tan is considered to be cream-colored coats or patches of this shade. But, there are several combinations where there are all white Frenchies and tan patches. Frenchies are solid black or blue with tan outlining their coat. And other variations.


This coat variation occurs in any coat type or color. It has a base coat usually lighter and a more solid color with a spotted pattern all over the body. People mention that it can be similar to paint splattered on a canvas or even very similar to marble.

There are many more variations of colors and genes that this breed can have. But we try to cover the ones that may be a little more known. There are other types of variations in the genes such as the type of coat as the Fluffy, if that French Bulldog is a carrier of the desired characteristics or if it only has them but can not pass them on to its offspring. There are many more things at play when it comes to breeding Frenchies.

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