Breeding A French Bulldog During First Heat

When it comes to french bulldogs, one thing is for sure, people love having them. And, the more the merrier. A lot of people are looking for french bulldog breeders all around the country. And why not? They are an amazing breed. These dogs are perfect to be at home and they can become some of the most amazing companions out there. So, if you want to expand the family you might be wondering about breeding a french bulldog during the first heat. You need to know some vital information before making a decision. So, in this lengthy post, we tell you all about that. Read on to learn everything about french bulldog breeding. The process, the care they need, and whether it is the right time to do it or not. So, keep on reading to find out more about this process.

Heat Cycle

Every dog has its own heat cycle. This is important for dog owners to calculate the time when they want to breed their dog. For french bulldogs, the first comes between six to nine months. Now, while a lot of people want to start breeding, there are some precautions everyone needs to follow. First and foremost, they need to protect their dog from unwanted puppies. A lot of times heat attracts other dogs. So, during your dog’s heat cycle, keep them indoors and away from other dogs. This will really protect them. Also, some people might be scared due to the Respiratory problems of French Bulldogs. Yet, if you take care of them normally, they’ll be good. Now, if you do want to go for breeding a french bulldog during the first heat, there are some things to keep in mind that you should and shouldn’t do.

The right mate

As we all know, french bulldogs come with some health problems. This is due to genetics and they can be traced all the way back to the 18th century. You can learn more about it by reading our article about what are french bulldogs bred for. There we detail everything about french bulldog breeding and its origins. Now, getting back on track. Finding the right mate poses a challenge because it will affect the overall health of their puppies. It is important to find good breeders that have their dogs in great condition. This will prevent further health complications for both the mates and the puppies. Thankfully, there are a lot of places like the french bulldog club that has a lot of information regarding this. So, beyond our articles, you can always find a lot more information about this topic regarding breeding and french bulldog health.

Breeding A French Bulldog During First Heat​ Chicago

Breeding during the first heat

As we mentioned already, breeding during the first heat isn’t recommended. You need some precautions. It is also important to keep AKC recommendations in mind. Why? Because all of this will influence the whole process. People think that breeding a french bulldog during the first heat is irresponsible. Why? Because it is the start of their maturity process. If you do breed your dog during this cycle, they will be harmed. In what ways? First, and most importantly, it can hinder their growth. If your dog breeds during the first heat, it will be bad for them. So, we always recommend that you wait until the second or third heat. The latter being the best. This is when your dog will reach sexual maturity and it won’t be bad for them to breed. So, it is worth the wait in the end. They can get harmed if done earlier. One thing that does wonders with training a french bulldog is what you offer them in return. For them, food is a great motivato


Now, if you already have the right mate for your dog, there is one thing you should know. Among all the facts about french bulldogs you don’t know, there is one regarding mating. And that is, it is almost impossible for them to breed naturally. Why? Due to their hips and size. Because of their body structure, it is complicated for them to breed. Usually, people do artificial insemination for dogs. Which is something safe and works quite normally for them. Plus, it is the safest choice for this breed. So, think about doing this before putting them through a natural breeding process. It isn’t recommended at all.

Pregnancy process

The pregnancy process of a french bulldog can have some complications. So, if you will go for artificial insemination, you should time it right with your vet. Dogs need to be in perfect health for the process to be faster and easier. This is to avoid any complications. Pregnancy will last for about 63 days which is quite fast. So, better to get the house ready for the puppies. Now, when it comes to french bulldog litters, most of them are of 3 puppies. Some people have said 7 is normal but no, it is rare for that to happen. Expect something between 2 to 4 puppies. 5 if you are lucky

Giving birth

With all the complications french bulldogs have, giving birth isn’t a surprise for all. It can get dangerous if you let it happen naturally. While you can do it, you might put your dog and the puppies in danger so, keep an eye out for that. If your dog has a natural birth process, it could jeopardize the health of the dog and the puppies. There have been situations when puppies get stuck in the birth canal. This can also affect the internal organs of your dog. Plus, if you let them give birth naturally, their probability to live gets lower. So, always take them to the vet. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Committing to breeding

If you really want to breed your dog, that is fine, but keep in mind everything we’ve already mentioned. It is important that you put all of these things into perspective before breeding your dog. As you now know, it involves a lot of things. It isn’t just breeding because you want a puppy. That is why there are a lot of breeders out there that are willing to inform people in the process. In the case that you do want to breed your french bulldog, go ahead, but do not ignore the recommendations we have brought.
Also, if you are breeding them, make sure they are in good health. Otherwise, everything will get complicated. So, just prepare everything before making a decision. This process is complicated for all members of a household. However, if you do it right, the result will be great.

Breeding A French Bulldog During First Heat​ in Chicago
Chicago Breeding A French Bulldog During First Heat​
Chicago Il Breeding A French Bulldog During First Heat​

Closing thoughts

Having puppies is amazing. And as we’ve mentioned, french bulldogs are a wonderful breed. They are perfect for being at home all the time and they are some of the best companions around. But it can be a scary process. If you keep yourself informed with your local vet, then everything will be fine. Just never postpone the health of your dog when it comes to breeding. After all, they are a member of your family. And, if you prefer, look for local french bulldog breeders. They know everything about the process and will help you. Here in Elite Frenchies, we are experts on that. So, if you want to learn more about what we offer and do, call us today! We’ll be happy to help