Average Lifespan of a French Bulldog

One of the things that we don’t like to delve in too much is the Average Lifespan of a French Bulldog. Yet, we all need to know it. One great thing about dogs is that even if there is an average lifespan, it can be extended. How? With the proper care and conditions. Thankfully, french bulldogs are one of those breeds that are suitable for being at home all day. That means they won’t be in a lot of danger. So, that’s a plus! Today we tell you about the average lifespan of a french bulldog. Learn what to do to keep your french bulldog living its best life. Some of these things can be done daily. Or maybe, you’re already going them without realizing. So, read on to learn more about this.

French Bulldog's age

If you’re wondering how much do french bulldogs live, worry not. French bulldogs live an average of 10 to 12 years. This is quite good considering they’ve categorized a small breed, according to the AKC. The oldest french bulldog that has been recorded was 18 years old. Which is a great age for this breed. This age can be reached if the dog is raised in great conditions. As you know, we have already talked about signs your french bulldog is not feeling well. If you see any of these, take them to the vet, it is better to take care of everything while there is time.

Common French Bulldog Issues

We have also talked about How to prevent the most common diseases in French bulldogs. These usually have to do with their respiratory system. Sadly, due to genetics, they are born with short snouts. And while they can do almost everything, it is important to keep them in a safe environment. For instance, having a house with a lot of dirt or allergens is bad for them. Dogs also suffer from allergies and this breed isn’t an exception. Keeping it clean with a cleaning service can actually do wonders for them. And for other members of your house too. There are a lot of things that you need to keep an eye out for. We recommend that you check all of our recommendations for french bulldogs.

How to extend a french bulldog's life span

Now that we have learned about the average lifespan of a french bulldog, it is time to learn how to extend it. There are a lot of ways to do so. Most of them require preparation before they are even born. As we mentioned, genetics play a huge role in this. The way they are bred will influence their whole life. Making sure they have the right parents will avoid a lot of issues. Or at least won’t make them bigger. So, learn how to help your french bulldog live a healthy and happy life.

Choose a right breeder

Truth be told, breeding isn’t only for french bulldog competitions. It is also to get good and healthy puppies. How to that then? Well, first, you need to get the right parents. We have already talked about breeding a french bulldog during first heat. This is one mistake you have to avoid. Doing so will harm the dog a lot. Also, french bulldogs can’t breed naturally. Due to their bone structure, they have hips that do not allow the male to reach. So, that is one thing why you should avoid it. Now, if you want a french bulldog puppy, you should choose professional exotic french bulldog breeders. They know what to do and how to do it.

Give them a good environment

As we mentioned above, the environment they grow in will influence a lot. By environment we mean a lot of things. From where they sleep to what they eat. Also, try to keep your house as dog-proof as possible. Not because they’ll break something, but to avoid any accidents for them. Dogs are active species. Especially during their early years. So, make sure that where they grow there is nothing missing for them. You can find some good toys and food for them to be fine. This all helps to prologue their life in good ways.

Watch out for hazards

There are things that affect all dogs equally. Things that trigger allergies and some foods. Yet, there are other things that will affect french bulldogs a lot more. One example is water, or rather, swimming. French bulldogs can’t swim. This is important for you to remember. In the case of having a swimming pool at home, fence it. A lot of accidents happen because dogs fall inside the pool. If there is no one around then it will be bad for them. So, make sure to put a fence around to keep your dog away and safe. The only water they should have near them is the one they drink from.

Regular check-ups

Some people do not have this habit but it is important that you make a habit out of it. Taking your french bulldog to the vet. If you do it then you can be sure that they will not have any issue with their health. We recommend taking them at least once a month. French bulldogs are a fragile breed. Keeping them checked is something good for them. Dogs don’t show a lot of evident signs when they are bad. But if you see something off or out of routine, then something might be bad. So, make a habit of taking them to your local vet.

Give them attention

Part of having a happy life is fun. Yes, while these dogs love being inside that doesn’t mean they’ll be sleeping all day. Make sure to play with them at least one hour a day. This is great for them because they will be doing exercise and having fun while at it. Do not ignore your puppy. There are a lot of activities you can do outside of the house. And thankfully, there are a lot of people who have french bulldogs nowadays. They can surely find a new friend to play with.

Exercise is good for all

Speaking of fun things to do, exercise can be fun too. There are some great outdoor activities that are great exercise for them and you. You can do some hiking trails with them. The usual morning jogging and more. One thing we recommend is always looking at the daily weather. One of the things that dogs suffer from is heat strokes. Make sure to keep your dog hydrated during a hot day. However, we recommend skipping any outdoor activity during hot season. It is better to keep them cool and safe at home.

Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well​ in Chicago

Final thoughts

Every single dog in this world can have a great life. Provided you give them the right environment. Most of the things we’ve listed here are easy to do. You just need time and commitment. So, make sure to put all your heart and effort into it. French bulldogs are some of the best companions out there. You will be truly happy with them at home. So, adapt everything for them and you’ll see how long they’ll live by your side. And, if you need any advice, we are expert breeders. We have extensive french bulldog knowledge so you can contact us any time.

Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well Chicago Illinois
Signs your French Bulldog is not Feeling Well​ in Chicago Illinois